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Do you understand the importance and power of your breathing? In Pilates, we deliberately focus on breathing, but do you know how important proper breathing is in your daily life?

You might be surprised to discover that something as simple as breathing can be used as a tool to affect both your body and mental health.

In this episode of The Balanced Life, you will learn how important breathing is and how proper breathing can change your body and your life. If you are interested in a simple and free way to affect your health, you will not want to miss this episode.

Do you know the role that breathing plays in your health?

Robin never understood the role that breathing played in health and well-being until she discovered Pilates. The importance of breathing in Pilates is unique to this form of exercise. The founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, emphasized the key aspect of breathing in our lives and on our body. He noted the value of breathing by saying that breathing is our first and our last act in life. Our life depends on breathing.

Proper breathing can reset your nervous system

That is why it is so important to learn how to breathe correctly. Posture affects breathing. Poor posture puts pressure on your abdomen and can affect your pelvic floor. When your body is not in the right alignment, it disrupts your ability to breathe properly.

Spending a lot of time bent over can restrict your breathing, which means that less oxygen enters your system. This lack of oxygen puts the body in action or flight mode.

To restore the correct breathing patterns and switch to rest and digestion mode, it is important to correct your posture. With the right posture, you will push your ribs and lungs back so that they can fully expand to take a full breath.

Setting reminders throughout the day can remind you to come back and notice your breathing. Consider using these trigger points at different times of the day: sitting at traffic lights, before meals, or when entering a room. Whatever your memory, this point of contact can help you reset your mind and get a boost of oxygen energy by simply breathing.

Breathing can help relieve anxiety

Breathing even helps people to tame their fear, and Robin is proof of this. Breathing has helped Robin connect her mind and body to relieve stress, overcome her anxiety and change her life. Anxiety arises from a lack of control. By slowing down and focusing on breathing, you can regain control of your body.

In the Lindywell app, you will find breathing-focused exercises that can help you focus on your breathing and reset your nervous system.

Listen in to hear about different breathing techniques that could help you overcome anxiety and regain control of your mind – you won’t want to miss hearing about the breathing exercises Robin uses with her children!

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