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Have you ever been hungry? Do you notice when your moods fluctuate throughout the day? Food could have something to do with it. There is often a connection between food and our moods and this episode of the Balanced Life podcast will help you improve this link.

Professional Dietitian (RD), Micah Siva, is coming to see me today to discuss how food can help you improve your mood. Micah is one of the main dietitians who works on the creation of the RD-approved prescriptions that can be found in the Lindywell membership. Micah helps us to nourish our body in a realistic, practical and delicious way.

In this episode we will discuss what led her to start her career in nutrition, how food affects our mood, the best foods for brain health and foods that can reduce inflammation. Be sure to stick to it until the end to find out which kitchen appliances Micah thinks are the best for the home cook.

How Micah became a professional dietitian

Micah has always had a love of food. She grew up cooking with her family and even enjoyed creating sumptuous meals for her friends as a teenager. Although she loves to cook, she only decided to become a dietitian when she had a negative experience with food.

After a trip abroad, Micah returned with an undiagnosed parasite and suffered for a year before a dietitian really listened to her and could diagnose and solve her problem. This positive experience taught him that dietitians do much more than create diets. Registered dietitians take a holistic approach to health that includes nutrition and communication.

How Micah creates delicious and

that everyone enjoys

Many of us grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s and experienced the yo-yo diet culture back then. At Lindywell, we want to redefine the relationships with our body, our Image and food.

Food is the fuel we use to fuel our body and mind. Micah helps us do this by providing simple, delicious and nutritious recipes. She tries to make sure that there is something for everyone in the family and that her recipes can be created in less than an hour with accessible ingredients.

Micah creates seasonal recipes with fresh ingredients flavored with herbs and spices. To maximize the daily diet, it contains a lot of leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats.

Tips for using food to support mental health

Moods are influenced by many different factors: Stress, sleep (or lack thereof), the environment, genetics and food. What and when you decide to refuel your body has a huge impact on your mental state.

It is important to eat regularly to maintain a constant blood sugar level. People often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but in fact, all meals are important. Spreading out your meals and eating regular snacks can help balance your blood sugar levels, which in turn stabilizes your mood. Skipping meals can lead to overeating during the next meal and then crashing when your body tries to process the extra fuel. To avoid this, feed your body regularly.

Another way to improve your mood is to pay attention to what you eat. Understand how certain foods affect your body and pay attention to what you eat. If certain foods give you a brief boost of energy, be sure to do some activity afterwards.

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