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The Balanced Life Podcast is a place for honest conversation about health, wellness, self-care, work-life balance and everything in between. My goal is to provide Inspiration, resources and practical advice to help you live a balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself, inside and out.

Today we have a special episode that includes 5 conversations I’ve had on the Podcast over the years that have opened my mind and led me to improve my health, understand my body and mind on a deeper level or live with more intention and gratitude.

This powerful episode contains fantastic tips and ideas to help you become the healthiest Version of yourself.

You’ll want to listen to this episode if you’re interested…

Recognizing where we are feeling emotions [1:22]
How our thinking habits affect our lives every day [4:10]
Understanding adrenal fatigue [9:51]
What happens if we suffer [23:25]
Looking at the different seasons of parenting [35:36]

Moment #1

Recently, I interviewed Keisha Yokers to talk about breathing. She helped me understand that conscious and connected breathing work takes the participant on a deeper inner journey that pushes him to let go. This conversation helped me to identify where I feel emotions in my body in order to process them better. What’s even better is that I can now help my children use breathing work to process their emotions as well.

Moment #2

Sandra Chuma and I discussed how to create and maintain healthy habits. My biggest conclusion from this conversation was that healthy habits don’t always relate to the things we do. Listen to how you cultivate some of the main healthy habits.

Moment #3

When I felt extreme fatigue, I started researching adrenal fatigue. Dr. Aviva Romm helped me understand what this common term often refers to and why it happens. It turns out that overwork and burnout can lead to a physiological malfunction in your body. She explains what happens at a deeper level in the body when we feel constantly stressed.

Moment #4

Lindy Royer helped me understand what happens when we suffer. There are emotions and thought patterns that are related to pain and make us act differently. I learned what to do to relieve the pain.

Moment #5

As a mother of 4 young children, I am in the middle of a busy season of life. Although everyone often tells me that I should just take advantage of it because it passes quickly, this advice can be difficult to implement. Dorena Williamson helped me understand how to look into precious moments. Listen to hear their thoughts, to understand why they resonated with me so much.

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