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Yoga is a natural detoxifier, it can relieve back pain and Yoga helps you sleep better. But did you also know that Yoga can bring you a strong core and better abs? It’s true!

Working your abs can strengthen your core just about any Yoga Pose, but some Yoga poses work especially well for the abs, and we included them in the following 6-minute Yoga for abdominal flow.

Whether you’re a Yoga beginner or a regular Vinyasa mom, this quick workout is perfect for sneaking in if you want a stronger core and flatter abs.

In addition to Yoga for abs training, if you want flat abs, there are some lifestyle tips that will help you get a sculpted belly even faster.

How to get Abs

Let’s face it: if it were easy to have a toned belly, everyone would have one. It’s really not that easy to do a certain exercise (ahem, crunches) or eat a certain food. So, before we move on to our 6-minute Yoga flow, here are some tips on general lifestyle changes that you should make if you want better abs:

Integrate Cardio into your Routine

In addition to keeping your heart healthy, Cardio burns Megacalories and helps you break down the extra fats that mask those abs. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of Cardio a week, and you can divide that up however you want.

Here are some different forms of Cardio that can count towards your weekly 150 minutes:

  • Cycling
  • Powerful Walking
  • Run
  • Spin Class
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kickboxing
  • Dance
  • Bodyweight training

Strength training for the abs

Besides Cardio that pumps the heart to burn fat, you also need to build muscle to boost your metabolism. The more muscles you have in your body, the more calories you can burn at rest. (Result!)

You can use weights or your own body weight, but try to do two strength training sessions a week.

Eat clean for toned abs

Clear and simple, you can not get rid of a bad diet. Eliminating processed foods, added sugars and high-calorie drinks like soda should be your first step.

Then replace packaged foods and high-calorie dishes with healthy cereals such as Quinoa, lean proteins such as salmon or chicken and lots of vegetables.

Add fruits, healthy fats like avocado and you are on your way to a cleaner diet and a slimmer waist.

6-minute yoga for abdominal flow

Now that you know how to get your heart pumping with Cardio, weekly strength training and clean food, let’s move on to the last step: our 6-minute Yoga flow for better abs.

Dust off your Yoga mat, prepare some water and get ready to banish belly fat and expose toned and strong abs that are patiently waiting underneath.

For best results, use this Yoga flow 2 to 3 times a week.

To get started:

  • Use a yoga mat or a soft surface to perform each of these movements
  • Hold each of the poses for 30 seconds.
  • Go through this Abs Yoga sequence twice for a 6-minute abdominal routine that will make you feel the burn the next day!

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