I Have Done to Get My Hormon in Check

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Hello, Hormones! Nice to meet you! This month we are talking about hormonal health.

Hormones are often overlooked, but they are at the heart of our lives and our well-being. They are fundamental for how we feel every day and how our body works. And we need to normalize the talk about hormones and learn more about our hormonal health before we become unbalanced.

In this revealing episode, Robin sheds light on the conversation about hormones. She explains how we get to the bottom of the cause of our body problems and addresses the most important things she has focused on over the past year as she overcomes the hormonal imbalance. She shares concrete steps you can take to take care of yourself and support healthy Hormones. Stay tuned to find out what you can do to support hormonal health and maintain hormonal balance!

Show highlights: what to expect in this episode!

  • Hormones are the basis of almost all body functions and affect almost all body processes.
  • We don’t always go to the cause of the problem when we are looking for body problems such as acne, thinning hair, weight gain or loss of energy. We often go for a quick solution.
  • Robin talks about the body symptoms she experienced and what ultimately led her to look for the cause and make a change
  • Robin’s healing process took place gradually, but very efficiently. She shares a List of the most important things she has focused on over the past year.
  • We all need ways to reset. Robin had to become aware of when she was overexcited and learn to relax her body and calm her mind.
  • Pilates helped Robin last year. This kept them moving without additional stress.
  • We need to embrace where we are now, listen to our body and allow time to heal if necessary.

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