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Instagram Facebook, or are you a member of the Balanced Life Sorority, you”ve heard me talk about what it means to create a healthy family environment. When we think about health and well-being, we often think about the foods we eat or the amount of exercise we do, but how often do we think about our environment and how it supports us? Tonight’s episode is with Becky, aka “Clean Mama”, and she’s the perfect person to talk about this topic. Becky is a long-time member of the Balanced Life Sorority and she is an expert on what it takes to have a clean and healthy home. Becky has created systems and processes that make housekeeping stress-free and overwhelming, and her work has changed so many people’s lives!

We hope that after this episode, you will feel encouraged and empowered to create a healthier home and maintain it with a little more order without feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to follow Clean Mama on Instagram, @cleanmama, and if this episode was helpful to you, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. If you think that someone else would appreciate it and that it could help them improve their environment and their health, share it with them!

Show highlights: what to expect in this episode!

  • Home safety with the products Becky uses has always been important, especially since a scary incident years ago with her oldest and a product she came into contact with
  • If you feel too busy to clean, you will never master it. Becky shares her Routine in 4 parts, starting with simple daily tasks that give you back your time.
  • Studies show that more clutter leads to more stress, but the simple act of cleaning a table or removing objects from a small area can significantly reduce the Stress you feel.
  • Instead of just telling your kids or teaching them what to do, it works so much better, and don’t forget to break it up into small, manageable tasks when you get them involved!
  • There are some things you can do if you and your roommates have different cleaning habits, but it is important to establish the basic rules before moving in together.
  • Becky shares her thought process as she develops her own DIY recipes for quick and easy-to-make cleaning solutions.
  • There is one area of the house that is worse for toxins than the others, which is why she recommends starting there.
  • Becky and Robin share many of the same life philosophies, and she firmly believes that Grace is above guilt when it comes to balancing life and maintaining a clean and healthy home.

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