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Whether we recognize it or not, routines have power over many aspects of our lives. If you’re not a fan of routines, you might be tempted to skip this episode, but I encourage you to listen. If you like to create and polish your routines, then you are probably already listening.

This episode is designed to help you take a closer look at your intentional and unintentional routines. In the end, you will understand why what you do every day is important. Your routines affect how you feel, your relationships, your health and even your success. Press Play now to hear how routines can change your life.

My routines help me create the habits I need to support the type of life I want to live and help me make the kind of person I want to be. Without the intentionality that comes with my routines, I wouldn’t be doing any of these things on my own. Bad habits and routines that don’t serve me sneak in when I don’t rely on the positive routines I’ve built in my life.

Routines change with the seasons of life

Many of the transitions we experience are accompanied by preconceived ideas about what the outcome or transition might look like. Instead of entering a transition with these preconceptions, try to put them aside to make room for what could actually happen.

If you are going through a difficult transition, take the time to create a space to question your thoughts. What do you think of this transition? Are your thoughts holding you back? Can you rephrase your thought?

Think about how you can change your thinking pattern to achieve a more positive result. Journaling is a great way to follow this process and give yourself a sense of agency and empowerment.

Our thoughts affect our feelings which affect our behavior. So if we can change our thoughts, we can end up changing our behavior and getting different results.

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