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Tonight’s episode is fun, playful and will cheer you up! Every month we take a deep dive into our community of members in a spa that takes place off the mat, and every July we focus on the game. But in today’s busy world, how do we make time to play and what does it look like?

Today, Kaita, Becca and Sheri are here to answer these questions, three of our awesome Pilates instructors who have put their passion into helping women move and embrace the playful side of life. The wisdom you have gained by intentionally incorporating the game into your daily life, and how you can also integrate it, can really change your life.

If you haven’t heard Episode 68 featuring Kaita, Becca and Sheri, get ready to listen to it, and in our app you will find workouts from these three great instructors!

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Show highlights: what to expect in this episode!

  • A look at whether gambling is natural and why it is so often easily forgotten
  • The game is really different for everyone, and Kaita, Becca, Sheri and Share would, in their own words, look like each of their lives
  • There are so many benefits to playing that we often don”t really think about it, including how it can have a positive impact on the relationships we have with our partner
  • The game can be integrated into your Pilates practice, and all three highlight simple ways to start doing it immediately
  • There are important life lessons to learn while playing, and the Magic really happens when you can understand and appreciate what the game can teach you
  • Issue can be a barrier to movement for matures, but there are practical ways to minimize and avoid them so that they can move forward
  • One thing you will dedicate yourself to this week to integrate the game into your life and a special challenge for the listeners to do the same

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