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This 20-minute upper body workout uses the best exercises to sculpt attractive and stronger muscles that you will want to show off throughout the year, including shoulders, biceps, triceps, etc. (You will definitely want to add this to your weekly workout routine!)

The benefits of strength training for the upper body

As we age, our muscle mass and strength begin to decrease naturally. (a concrete example Of “use it or lose it!”) Strength training – also known as resistance training — is a safe and effective way to action muscle atrophy and maintain bone density.

Whether you use dumbbells, dumbbells or your own body weight, strength exercises — including lower and upper body workouts — offer a range of health benefits, including improved mental and emotional well-being and a reduced risk of health-issues such as arthritis, diabetes, obesity and back pain.

The good news? It is not necessary to reach the weights every day. The American Heart Association recommends doing strength training at least twice a week to keep your body stronger, healthier and less prone to issue.

And here’s the best part: there’s no reason to go to a gym, hire a personal trainer, or jump straight into high-intensity workouts, especially if you’re just starting out. Keep it simple! The use of free weights or bodyweight exercises is the ideal way to tone and strengthen the main muscle group of the upper body, including the shoulders, back, chest, biceps and triceps.

Of course, improving your body fitness will also help you in everyday life! You push, pull and lift things all the time. It can be a heavy suitcase or a lighter load of laundry. Maybe you’re picking up a 20- to 30-pound child or holding an elderly person’s arm while they control their steps. Whatever you do, a strong torso is the daily key to a better life.

Upper body workout tips

To get the most out of your upper body workout, it is useful to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always warm up and cool down: start each workout with a quick warm-up and finish with a cool down for at least five to ten minutes
  • Maintain a good posture: Maintaining a good shape with each exercise will give you the best results while avoiding issue (it’s not a question of speed!)
  • Remember to breathe: exhale every time you lift, push or pull and inhale when you release
  • Give your muscles a Break: Exercise causes tiny tears in the muscles that take a long time to heal. (Your muscles get stronger in the process!) A good rule of thumb is to give yourself 24 to 72 hours to recover after a workout, depending on its intensity
  • Try to challenge yourself: start with lighter weights if you are just starting out. If your workout feels lighter, try using heavier weights to challenge yourself (and your muscles) more

Your 20-minute beginner upper body workout

Go through each exercise and try to do 10 to 12 repetitions per movement. Make sure that your weights are heavy enough so that you have a hard time completing your last repetitions. The key to building strength is to lift weights that challenge you! (If it’s too easy, try heavier weights.) Once you have completed all eight exercises, take at least five minutes to stretch and cool down.

Necessary Equipment

Skipping rope: optional; you can do air jumping
Dumbbells: start easy (3-5 pounds) and work your way up
Training mat: for floor exercises

Warm-up exercises

Increase your heart rate with this 4-minute warm-up:

  • Jogging on site – 1 Minute
  • Jumping Jacks – 1 Minute
  • Quick Top Cuts – 1 Minute
  • Jump Rope in place – 1 Minute

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